Monthly Checklist

Youth Art Month State Chairpersons:

It’s December!  Check your progress for this year’s Youth Art Month planning.  

December To Do’s:

This month’s activities are a continuation of November activities.  The focus should be

    • Continue scheduling fundraising events to promote Youth Art Month  (while Youth Art Month takes place in March, events can also take place in the months before or after March)
    • Plan Media for future events
    • Continue creating promotional materials for planned future activities and fundraising events


    November To Do’s:

    1.  Depending on your school/state schedule, students should continue to design flags/banners.

    2.  Depending on your school/state schedule, schools should begin to select a flag/banner winner.  

    3.  Once school winners are selected, Districts/Regions should begin to select a winner and submit to the Youth Art Month Chairperson for selection of a state winner.

    4.  Continue to plan events for Youth Art Month in March.   Check out the Quick 50 Celebrations to help you get started with ideas.

    5.  Utilize your state art ed association to list and share information about statewide Youth Art Month events.

    6.  Begin to schedule local, district, and regional fundraising events.  Connect with local coordinators and media to create and schedule Public Service Announcements, articles, and press coverage related to planned events.

    7.  Make sure all local coordinators are using Activity Tracking and Report Forms/Surveys to keep track of events in your state (Create your own using Google Forms – see our easy to follow instructions).  Document activities through photos, newspaper articles, web articles, video, radio/TV, and other local publications.  

    8.  Continue to pursue Governor’s Proclamation and other endorsements from elected officials and school personnel.

    9.  Start creating special materials using this year’s theme and logo (Buttons, Letterhead, Balloons, Posters, Pens, Postcards, and more)


    September/October To Do’s:

    1.  Check out the Quick Start Guide for a quick overview of what to do.

    2.  Update your state art ed association website to reflect this year’s theme, logo and due dates.  For additional information related to the update please check out this document.

    3.  Download the new Flag/Banner forms for 2017/2018.  Plan a lesson plan related to this year’s theme of “Building Community Through Art”.

    4.  Communicate forms, guidelines and due dates to regional and/or school coordinators and art educators across the state.

    5.  Teachers distribute lesson plan and students design flags or banners.

    6.  Set a date in March 2018 for a statewide art exhibition and communicate to teachers and local coordinators.

    7.  Distribute materials on Fundraising, Endorsements, Proclamations.


    Refer to the Annual Planning Calendar for a month by month overview of activities to help you coordinate your Youth Art Month program.

    The theme for 2017/2018 is “Building Community Through Art”.


    The Annual Planning Calendar highlights activities by month for

    • The Flag/Banner Design Contest
    • Artwork, Exhibitions, and Celebrations
    • Fundraising, Endorsements, Special Materials

    For additional planning information, please check out our Program Documents to assist you with your Youth Art Month preparation.




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