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The Council for Art Education promotes

visual art education for all K-12 students

As a cheerleader to this cause, The Council for Art Education directs the national Youth Art Month Program, typically in March, advocating for visual arts education for all children, and encouraging funding for quality school visual arts programs.

 Who We Are

Call us backers, patrons, promoters, or champions.

Mostly, we’re cheerleaders.

We cheer for K-12 visual art education!

  • The Council for Art Education, Inc. (CFAE) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization created in 1984 through its primary sponsor, The Art & Creative Materials Institute, Inc. (ACMI).
    • ACMI is an international association and a leading authority on art and craft materials.  It represents over 200 art, craft and creative material manufacturers promoting safety in art and creative products.  
    • With over 70 years of experience, ACMI’s program for children’s art materials leads the industry, certifying children’s art materials as non-toxic and adult products as properly labeled for safe use.

What We Do

Our number one priority?

Promote quality school visual art education programs

in grades K-12 across the U.S.

Through the actions of its members, its partners, and the generous support it receives from national organizations and institutions like ACMI, The Council for Art Education actively encourages commitment to the visual arts in grades K-12.

How We Do It

The Council for Art Education provides visual art educators

and state art education associations with valuable resources

and ideas for promoting their visual art education programs

CFAE cheers for K-12 visual art education through its primary campaign, Youth Art Month.

  • Youth Art Month, typically in March, began as Children’s Art Month in 1962 through The Crayon and Watercolor Institute (now Art and Creative Materials Institute, or ACMI).
  • Today, Youth Art Month showcases the positive impact and association between art teachers and students at the K-12 level.  
  • The month long celebration emphasizes the positive influences of visual art education not found in standard core curriculum subjects.
  • State and local organizers coordinate a variety of activities and events, including art shows, exhibits, fundraisers, and other special events to highlight the importance of visual art education.

See highlights from the most recent Youth Art Month celebrations.


The Main Event

The Council for Art Education’s primary event is the national Student Flag and Banner Contest for K-12 students.  

2018/2019 Florida Flag Winner

Winning student designs from each state are exhibited in the Youth Art Month Museum at the National Art Education Association Convention (NAEA) in March.  

Student winners, their families, and their art teachers can attend the award celebration.

Additional Youth Art Month Events and Awards

  • During Youth Art Month, students participate in activities and art exhibits. Exhibitions take place in libraries, art galleries, museums, shopping malls – the possibilities are endless!

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The Council for Art Education features artwork from local and state exhibits in the Youth Art Month Museum at NAEA.

Youth Art Month state chairpersons and their state associations are eligible for national recognition and financial awards for their participation in Youth Art Month and their impact on K-12 visual art education.  Outstanding state Youth Art Month programs are recognized at NAEA.  The grand prize winner receives the Claire Flanagan award, honoring the woman who originally imagined the idea of Youth Art Month over 50 years ago.

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