Youth Art Month Program Recognition

(If you are looking for information on how to create your 2017/2018 Youth Art Month Year in Review please visit here for more information).

Each year the Council for Art Education (CFAE) recognizes state Youth Art Month Programs. 

Youth Art Month state chairpersons and their state art education associations are eligible for national recognition and financial awards for their participation in Youth Art Month and their impact on K-12 visual art education.  Through the generous support of ACMI, outstanding Youth Art Month programs are recognized at NAEA based on each state’s digital presentation documenting the state’s Youth Art Month activities.  

The top presentation is recognized with the Claire Flanagan award, honoring the woman who originally imagined the idea of Youth Art Month over 50 years ago.  

The Claire Flanagan award winner for 2016/2017 is Debra West/Wisconsin

Additional awards include:  Award of Excellence and Award of Merit.  All other state chairpersons that submit a digital presentation and meet the minimum CFAE requirements are eligible to receive a Special Recognition Award of a $100 allowance to assist with the future development of the state’s Youth Art Month program.

To see the Wisconsin digital presentation, as well as other award winners from 2016/2017, click on each of the following tabs.


  • Claire Flanagan Award

    Wisconsin 2016/2017

  • Award of Excellence

    Virginia 2016/2017

    New Jersey 2016/2017

    New York 2016/2017

  • Award of Merit

    Utah 2016/2017

    Texas 2016/2017

    Hawaii 2016/2017

    Louisiana 2016/2017 (this presentation is not available for review)

    Georgia 2016/2017


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