How to Plan a Youth Art Month Program

Do you need help getting your Youth Art Month program started, but don’t know where to begin?

We can help!

The theme for the 2022/2023 school year is

“Your Art, Your Voice”  

NOTE:  2022/2023 info will be updated soon.

February To Do’s:

Flag and Banner

  • Select a student flag or banner design to represent your state.  Your state’s winning design can be selected a variety of ways, including by committee vote, or perhaps by your state art education association board.  Use the following template to design the flag.

Youth Art Month 2023 Flag Template

  • Obtain a signed student release form to keep on file, as the student and flag may be featured in media over the coming weeks and months.
  • Create a 3′ x 5′ flag or banner from the winning design.  Refer to our list of vendors here.  This process can take several weeks! The actual flag or banner should be submitted to CFAE by February 1, 2023 to be featured in the Youth Art Month Museum at NAEA.  Please submit entries to

Diversified Woodcrafts

Attn: Youth Art Month/Justin Kesler

300 S. Krueger St.

Suring, WI 54174

Artwork and Exhibits

  • Promote exhibits and events via posters, your state art ed website, local websites, news media, social media and word of mouth.  Send press releases to all media outlets.
  • Local schools and districts should select artwork to display at local, district and regional exhibits.
  • Start selecting artwork for your state Youth Art Month March exhibit.  Your state Youth Art Month Chairperson should begin to communicate how artwork will be selected.  Check your state art education association website for deadlines and additional information.
  • Send invitations for state and other important Youth Art Month events.
  • NO physical work will need to be mailed in order to be displayed in the Showcase.
    •  Please send 8 digital images as soon as possible and no later than Feb 8.  
    • These will be printed 8×10″ and matted by CFAE.

 Please add student art to the template attached.

Youth Art Month 2023 Digital Art Template

Slides can have one or multiple images. 

NOTE: It would be helpful to name the digital file with the art title or student name so that the tag can be matched easily. 

Attached are labels to fill out and return. They will be printed to hang with the art. 

 2022 YAM labels

Please return the digital art file and the labels as soon as possible and no later than Feb 8. 

  • Artworks will be featured in the slideshow video.


  • Continue scheduling local, district, and regional fundraising events.
  • Document activities through photos, newspaper articles, web articles, video, radio/TV, and other local publications.

For simpler tracking of Activities and Media, create an online Google Survey Form that can be distributed to local coordinators to track events, media coverage, as well as funding.


  • Begin to promote information and events using traditional media and social media.
  • Information that can be communicated includes date/time/location of state and local exhibits, your flag winner and the winning design, images of students/schools preparing for Youth Art Month, and event ideas during Youth Art Month.

For more information see this important message from CFAE President Linda Kieling, and this brief overview.

Check out the following information for easy to follow timelines, guidelines and templates to help you manage your program. 

Questions?  Contact us.

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