Monthly To Do List

Youth Art Month Chairperson, Regional Chairs and Teachers:

It’s time to prep for the 2018/2019 CFAE Youth Art Month Program!

It’s never too early to start planning.  If you are involved with your state Youth Art Month Program, we encourage you to get a jump start.  Click here to see the full year for our monthly calendars.


November/December To Do’s:


  • Schedule local, district, and regional fundraising events.
  • Document activities through photos, newspaper articles, web articles, video, radio/TV, and other local publications.
  • For simpler tracking of Activities and Media, create an online Google Survey Form that can be distributed to local coordinators to track events, media coverage, as well as funding.


Artwork and Exhibits

  • Check in with local coordinators and media to identify timing and requirements for Public Service Announcements, articles, and press coverage for planned local events.
  • Distribute Activity Tracking and Report Forms/Surveys to local coordinators (Tip:  Create using Google Forms – information will automatically be summarized in a spreadsheet).


Flag and Banner

  • Download the new Flag/Banner forms for 2018/2019 if you haven’t already.
  • Schools/teachers should submit flag entries to their state Youth Art Month Chairperson based on their state’s due date (Most due dates are December/January, but check our website by state to verify the date)



October To Do’s:


  • Send materials to art educators and local coordinators, and post on your art ed website.  Find the materials here and here.
  • Initiate fundraising.  Plan events, such as selling student art, or fundraisers like chile or soup bowl dinners.
  • Use sample letters here to pursue Governor’s Proclamation, and Endorsements from Mayor, State Representatives, members of Congress, School Superintendent, and other local officials.
  • Create special materials with logo to use for promotion and fundraising (Buttons, Letterhead, Balloons, Posters, Pens, Postcards).


Artwork and Exhibits

  • Communicate goals to local coordinators.  (Tip:  Coordinators can assist with collecting art, and planning and reporting local events)
  • Set a date for a statewide exhibition (ideally March).
  • Send plans for exhibition to local coordinators.  Post this information on your state art ed website.
  • Encourage teachers to begin planning local events for March.
  • Create and distribute an artwork entry form for local and statewide events.  (Tip:  create an online form using Google that will summarize this information)


Flag and Banner

  • Download the new Flag/Banner forms for 2018/2019.
  • Plan a Lesson Plan for the theme “Your Art, Your Story”.
  • Distribute forms and Lesson Plan to local coordinators, and post information on your state art ed website.  Include important due dates.


September/October To Do’s:

Select district or regional Youth Art Month coordinators.  They can assist with making sure you reach your goals as well as assist with reporting events.

Establish your Fundraising and Sponsorship goals for the year.

  • What is your goal for increasing the number of fundraising events?
  • How much will you increase donations/sponsors?
  • By what percent will you increase the number of endorsements?

Establish your Artwork and Exhibit targets for the year.

  • Increase participation in each district by 25%.
  • Increase media coverage by 30%.
  • Increase the number of observances and exhibits by 35%.

Establish your Flag and Banner targets for the year.

  • Target a flag entry from every school district across the state.
  • Increase student participation by 10% across the state.
  • Increase school participation by 25% across the state.