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Students today live in a very visual world.

Their visual experiences come through televisions, computers, tablets, and video games. Many students engage with more than one type of technology at a time!

In each of these encounters, students experience visual art.

Studies show children who participate in visual art education favorably impact their overall learning and future success, while learning valuable communication, problem solving, and life skills.

Some students face the possibility of school

without visual art education

Cutbacks in district budgets, firm curriculum standards, and overall funding shortfalls for the arts can all impact a student’s access to a visual art education.

The Council for Art Education (CFAE) advocates for K-12 students.

The CFAE Youth Art Month Program encourages a commitment to the arts from

  • Students
  • School District Administrators
  • Community Organizations
  • Individuals

Through the annual Youth Art Month celebration in March, CFAE provides a forum for acknowledging the imagination, innovation and creative skills that a visual arts experience nurtures.

Across the country, in cities large and small, students, teachers and communities direct attention to the value of a visual arts education that develops

  • Divergent and critical thinking
  • Multicultural awareness
  • Technical, communication and expressive skills

Through CFAE and the Youth Art Month program, students in elementary schools, middle schools and high schools receive additional opportunities for students to participate in creative art learning.

CFAE continually seeks to expand quality art programs in schools and stimulate new programs.

Join Us in Our Efforts!

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Becky Finch, President

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